Acheloos Beach


Swimming in Acheloos river

Upon reaching the Athamanika mountains, beauty is set before your eyes .On the highway of Arta to Trikala, turning to Terpna and following the signs Glystra, just before you reach the hydroelectricity plant dam, there lies one of the beaches of Acheloos.

For those who wish to have a swim,it would be advisable you ask some locals  how to get to the Glystra-Ghalfari hanging bridge, because there are neither markings nor signs. It is advisable you wear sports shoes because it is quite easy to reach, otherwise there is a road that can be reached with a 4X4 vehicle right in front of the beach.

The inviting crystal clear waters of Acheloos generously offer you peace of mind. Either for a swim ,a natural jacuzzi,a mud bath or fishing, Acheloos is the top destination of Tzoumerka.