Settlements: Artissa, Katafygio, Konakia, Palaiochori, Frasta

Agnanta, is a big village , densely constructed and amphitheatrically arranged. It is located at an altitude of 700 meters, next to the village of Katarraktis,about 50 kilometers both from the city of Arta and  the city of Ioannina. It is characterized by its numerous springs and the rich vegetation that embraces the village. Here one can visit the preserved traditional watermill that is in operation, as well as the folklore museum, where exhibits of the old traditional life of the inhabitants are on display.

It spreads to the basin formed by the mountains of Tzoumerka and Xirovouni, starting high from the top of the mountains and rolling downwards almost reaching to  the banks of the  Arachthos river. At Agnanta there is the Sports and  Entertainment Center, where activities in nature are organized as well as sporting events like ” Athlos Tzoumerkon’’, ‘’Dromos Taxydromou’’,Tzoumerka bike Marathon, Kids adventure camp”. The village has a hotel, tavernas and cafes.

Τhe  Agnaditikos river (a torrent, which flows into the  Arachthos river),flows through the village separating it into two settlements. The word Agnanta is produced by the adjective “Agnantos, open spaced in Greek,offering a good view.