Bridge of Arta

One of the most legendary constructions in Greece.

According to the folk ballad of the acritic songs family, 45 masons and 60 apprentices, under the leadership of the Head Builder, were building a bridge, but its foundations would collapse each night.

Finally a bird with a human voice informed the Head Builder that, in order for the bridge to remain standing, he should sacrifice his wife. As she is being buried alive in the foundations of the construction, she curses the bridge to flutter like a leaf, and those who pass it to fall like leaves. She is then reminded that her brother is abroad and might pass the bridge himself, so she changes her curses so as to become actual blessings: “As the tall mountains tremble, so shall the bridge tremble, and as the birds of prey fall, so shall passers fall”.

In fact, today, those who walk on the bridge instinctively lower their voice, as if showing respect and paying tribute to the sacrifised wife.

The stone-built bridge of the  Arachthos river is a real gem and the most popular attraction of the area of ​​Arta. Its length reaches 145 meters while its width is 3.75 meters. It has four non-symmetrical semicircular arches. Apart from an architectural monument, it is also a historic monument. In 1881, when Arta was liberated, the bridge was the border between free Greece and  Turkish-occupied Greece.

Finally, the city of Arta itself is an ideal destination throughout the year. A lively city with numerous Byzantine churches and a modern way of life ,is also an ideal starting point for excursions to the beautiful places of Epirus.