Easter (Lambri or Paschalia) is considered to be the greatest celebration in the country.  Greeks follow the Holy Week rites in commemoration of the Passion of Christ and celebrate His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.Most people fast.

The villages in Tzoumerka faithfully follow the traditions.People immerse eggs in red dye on Holy Thursday,bake Easter cookies, in church the girls decorate Epitaphios ( a wooden canopied bier symbolizing  Christ’s tomb) with fresh colourful flowers.

On Holy Friday morning the children sing carols ,most people fast, abstaining even from consuming oil ,they eat  nett pies made with corn flour.On Holy  Friday, after the evening service , the procession of  Epitaphios takes place with people following along the streets of the villages carrying candles and listening to psalms.

On Holy Saturday night, after  the Holy Light lights up the candles and His Ressurection is celebrated at midnight with the hymn of Christos Anesti (Christ has risen) ,families gather around the table for the festive dinner.The Mageiritsa soup is a traditional dish made with chopped offal and vegetables.

On Easter Sunday morning lambs are skewered and cooked over charcoal, families and friends celebrate around the Easter table listening and dancing to folk music,cracking their red eggs and enjoying the festive dishes.