Folklore Museum in Agnanta

The permanent exhibition includes about 500 items.

It is located in the local community of Agnanta, in the square of Kimisis of Theotokos, adjacent to the church.

It is located in a building that housed the old town hall. (Photo)

It was founded and organized by the Historical and Folklore Society of Tzoumerka,in an attempt to collect, save, preserve and exhibit all kinds of folklore material, which is related to the cultural and intellectual tradition of Tzoumerka . The museum was inaugurated in 2009.

The permanent exhibition includes about 500 items. All exhibits are chronologically placed in the 19th and 20th centuries and come from donations by residents of Tzoumerka.

These are typical examples of the Tzoumerka culture such as farming, livestock ,carving,weaving and embroidery tools,household items, traditional musical instruments,folcore costumes as well as pottery artwork.

There is a preserved traditional watermill nearby.