Settlements: Panagia, Terpna

It is located 74 km from Arta through Vourgareli . After Athamanio, upon  arriving at Ai-Giannis, you turn right for Tetrakomo-Mesounda. Turn left to Trikala. After passing Palaiohori, on the left, there is a road to Panagia Kapsalon, where there is a church of Panagia and a chapel. A little higher there is the chapel of Prophet Elias. On the road next to the cemetery is the chapel of Agios Nikolaos. Arriving at the center of Kapsala there  is the church of Kosmas Aitolos and the elementary school that operated in 1909.

Continuing on the highway, we reach the Corliga tunnel which opened in 1981.Before the construction of the tunnel it was extremely precarious to drive at that point. Below the tunnel there is the power plant that  operates with the waters of the Mesochora dam. (Kapsala-Trikala 84 km). In Glystra under the hydroelectric plant, there is the famous beach of Tzoumerka, a popular meeting point among the young people of the area in the summer who enjoy swimming in the cool waters of the Acheloos river.