Settlements: Vlagada, Kryopigi, Milea, Sgara

Katarraktis is a beautiful village built at an altitude of 800 meters. It is included in the list of martyr villages by presidential decree (Government Gazette A / 79 / 1-06-2017). The village took its name from the  impressive twin waterfall of about 100 meters, falling from the western slopes of Tzoumerka with an incredible momentum, giving the landscape a special beauty. Next to the waterfalls there is a cafeteria and  a stone path with bridges  leading to them.

The cobbled streets around the beautiful square of the village are ideal for walking, while guests can quench their thirst  at the traditional fountain with the lion heads.They can visit the Holy Temple of the Assumption, which has been declared a historic monument. The Holy Monastery of Agia Aikaterini is worth a visit.

In the area there are two traditional watermills, historically preserved buildings, where the inhabitants of the village exploited the power of water for their benefit before the Industrial revolution. It is a beautiful destination that allows visitors to experience nature in all its splendor.