Settlements: Andreas, Vathykampos, Kryoneri, Lagadia, Fteri

We are located in the “middle” valley of Arachthos, 36 km from Arta in the Municipality of Kentrika Tzoumerka. Our reference point is the Tzari Bridge, which is only 2 km away, between two mountains, Xirovouni on the one hand and Tzoumerka on the other.

The Arachthos river is the 8th largest river in Greece, with a length of 110 making it one of the most ideal rivers for rafting . It is suitable for swimming during the summer months as well as fishing all year round or for romantic summer evenings. From there one can walk on the Vidra trail.

Next to the Tzari Bridge, the Vidra trail begins along the river Arachthos. The path joins the area with the bridge of Plaka. Walking in this part of the path is thrilling every time. Visit the watermill and Krioneri water jet. In the villages Vathykampos and Kryoneri there are farms tavernas with domestic animals and a winery.

In Kryoneri you can visit the water mill, where the Cultural Club of Kryoneri is housed, on the banks of the Arachthos river where during the months from April to October the watermill operates with a natural flow of water from Arachthos.