Overlooking the Strongoula peak of the amazing Tzoumerka, Ktistades (in Greek it means builders- a name that replaced the Slavic “Kusovista”) is located in the middle of the route between Agnanta  and  Pramanta with its 100 inhabitants in the winter and 700 in the summer at an altitude of 730 meters (in the village square).

In the paved square there is a hospitable taverna where you can inquire for the cultural centre. The folklore museum with exhibits offered by the villagers is housed in the basement of the cultural center, while on the upper floor there is a library with about 1000 books, 400 magazines and 1200 sheets of local newspapers. The cultural center hosts exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography from time to time. There is also a permanent painting exhibition with works donated to the  center by famous Greek painters (Fasianos, Chatzikyriakos-Ghikas among others).

As for accommodation there are individual stone-built igloos and small wooden chalets.