Settlements: Agios Georgios, Kalloni, Kipseli, Loutsa, Moni Evangelistrias, Roupakia

Where the skyline and the mountain ridges seem to unite, the village of Kypseli (Chosepsi), with an altitude of 600 meters in the square , is living at a distance of 50 km from the town of Arta.

The monotonous ascent, as one drives away from the city, is quickly substituted by the impressive Tzoumerka mountains, which no surprisingly makes man wonder why would people choose such a place to settle.However the answer is simple: freedom ,liberation ,the nature,harsh though protective at the same time.It is atraditional village wιth all the typical characteristics of the neighborhoods that retain their colour, the housewives who still bake traditional pies ,the locals’ faces that  remain flushed with their hearts filled with enthusiasm,guardians of the local dialect. Pa a visit to the traditional tavernas in the paved square, the Karalis Folklore Museum and the church of Evaggelistria.