Settlements: Makrykampos, Xeriko

The village starts from Tzoumerka and reaches up to the Arachthos river. It has a population of 443 inhabitants (based on recent inventory). Its stone-built houses, are immersed in the lush green vegetation. It has many springs with cool water as well as places for rest, walking and other activities. It is located at an altitude of 600 metres  between Mikrospilia and Ramia , 48 km away from Arta (through Rodavgi-Tzaris Bridge), 62 km (through Rodavgi-Plaka bridge) and 70,5 km (through Peta -Arta -Ramia).  The church of Ypapanti is located at the northern edge of the settlement and has been declared a historic monument. The church of Ypapanti was erected in 1415 and it is of particular archaeological interest. It is a one-roomed basilica, built with clay-stone, covered with woodcuts and frescoes. The iconostasis of the church of Agios Ioannis in Lepiana is a work of great artistic value.

The village must have been in this position for many years before the erection of the church of Ypapanti if we take into account the date 1415 that is engraved on the corner of the southeast side of the temple. The village, and especially the two-storey stone houses ,suffered many disasters from the raid and looting of the German-Italian troops.