Marks stream


We find it at Theodoriana where nature is effortlessly left to create over the years. A stream of hidden paradise that keeps its secrets well kept, a solid sample of Tzoumerka’s inexhaustible natural beauty. Its name remains a mystery even for the locals. Most likely it comes from a Markos who lived there a long time ago.

The path to Marks area leads us to the heart of Elatia, the largest and pristine forest of Theodoriana, and a wonderful stream with lakes and waterfalls. To get on the path, you have to drive by car or on foot about 2.5 km, starting from the village square on the way to Arta. Passing the junction at the water bottling plant, coming out of the road with the fir trees, one comes across, a sign that leads left to a forest road and to the beginning of the path . The path descends on a route into a wonderful fir forest, in the footsteps of the old path which  led to “Elatia” where they  meet the stream.Crossing it they find themselves in a clearing. There, among the fir trees, there are fields, which until the period of occupation were sown with grains and corn, as well as signs of an old irrigation ditch. Signs capable of evoking memories of another life, war, poverty and deprivation. Following the path next to the stream, into the forest we hear the water rushing out of huge rocks, forming continuous waterfalls and green lakes. The sunlight barely penetrates the dense plane trees that cover them. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a dive into the cold lake waters just as a group of young people of the area, including the priest Thomas Plakias, 95-year-old today, did around 1950 as shown in pictures kept as memorabilia from the locals. Taking a break from their duties and wearing their underwear as swimsuits they dive into the clear waters. Holding hands they stand in front of the camera giving an oath of pure ,everlasting  friendship. A lifetime friendship which endured poverty and immigration, a bond only broken by death. The pond in the  photography remains intact today. The track of the path to the two lakes and the waterfall is marked. The stream continues forming continuous ponds, waterfalls and natural fullings (fully rounded, deep, really breathtaking.)

After a course of about two kilometers, the stream ends its journey equally impressive, after forming its last waterfall in its retreat with Goura. The last piece is not marked. It is particularly difficult recommended only for the  bold and the experienced.You had better return taking another less demanding route.On our way back we meet the clearing after the first pass of the stream we found descending it. At this point there is a sign reading: “To the village”, which suggests the alternative return route, which follows the stream from the opposite bank and leads us to the point from where we started. The trail is marked all the way. The water from the stream is not potable so remember to bring some water.

Marks stream Basic route data
3 km
Lower point: 807m.
Highest point: 983m.
Height difference: 176m.
Beginning of the path: Approximately 2.5 km, starting from the village square on the way to Arta. It meets a road sign that leads left to a forest road and to the beginning of the path.
Finishing point: Theodoriana
Duration: about 2 hours.