The Melissourgoi village is located at an altitude of 850m,  72km from Arta and 65km from Ioannina. The name of the village(i.e beekeeper in English) has to do with the hard work of the inhabitants fighting for their survival which reminds us of the industriousness of the bee.

The wildlife along with the clear waters and the fir-tree forests give the village a special natural beauty. During your visit you come across one of the most beautiful places of Tzoumerka with lush vegetation, many springs and landscapes of natural beauty, one of which is the Katarraktis Kefalovryso, the tallest in the country, just a few minutes from the village .

The mountain refuge of Melissourgoi is worth a visit, where excursions to nature are organized. The folklore museum is also quite remarkable. The village has hotels, cafes, tavernas and beautiful paved squares.