Settlements: Drosia, Kato Chora, Pefkos, Steno

Between Arta ,Trikala  and  Karditsa,the Messounda village is at an altitude of 820 m forgotten by culture. A green mountainous border village that manages to stay alive. Small red-tiled houses scattered on the side of the mountain and sometime among the fir trees, with their chimneys always smoking. The Acheloos river refreshes the village’s foot, crowned by the Agrafa mountain range .The fir forest is one of the largest in density and height in the Balkans. In any case, walk between the dense and tall firs, reaching to Ag. Paraskevi, at the border with Elati.

The Aspropotamos river(Acheloos) is the locals’ pride and joy ,named after its crystal clear waters (aspros ,means white). In summer you can swim in its crystal waters or in th natural ponds that are formed along the way, but only if you are good at swimming, or go fishing. Also, rafting trips are organized in spring. Next to the river there is the monastery of Ag. Georgios (it belongs to Myrofyllo Trikalon), which is a must. Entering the village there is a stream. The “Wheel” as we  call it. It is worth making a stop there and  drink water from the source  with the  amazing water under the bridge.

In the village you will find traditional cafes and in the evening you can taste ewe on the spit and other roasts. You can also buy pure honey here (tel: 2685 024025), tsipouro, oregano, eggs, chestnuts, walnuts, beans, hazelnuts, potatoes, corn, feta cheese, yogurt, tsalafouti and other local products.