Settlements: Vatatsi, Paliari, Fteriona, Milolithos (Dimounia) and Keramas.

Mikrospilia is located at the foot of Tzoumerk at an altitude of 720 m. It is 47 km from Arta and 60 km from Ioannina. One of the most beautiful villages in the mountain range of Tzoumerka  Mikrospilia is built on the foot of the highest peak (Katafidi, 2393 m.). The older name of the village was Seresi or Seres (cherry tree), probably of a Slavic origin.

In the central square of Mikrospilia there is the  two-storey stone-built building of the school in the place named “Paleoklisi” and is the property of the Church of Taxiarches. It was built in 1899 (17th June), and has been declared a Preserved Memorial of Modern Times by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, as a work of art showing examples of simple local architecture. It is probably the earlier΄’ Koutseki’ of the area, that is, the  grain collection and storage space of the “Dekati” tax.