Settlements: Agios Minas, Agios Stefanos, Ambelia, Zalos, Thanasia, Mitsorouva, Potamia

A village at the foot of Tzoumerka, 50 km away from the city of Arta. It is a village with industrious, peaceful and above all hospitable inhabitants. Stone houses, most scattered among the greenery , welcome to their porch every stranger or passerby. Two rivers embrace the village and in the summer they water the small, but neatly sowed fields of corn, wheat and clover. It is so relaxing to take a stroll under the plane trees,  listening to the breeze, and the gurgling mountain water of the streams. Small but delicious fish swim and hide under the stones. There a are  two churches in the village, Ag. Theodoroi and the Presentation of the Virgin Mary. The hills and slopes are strewn with chapels. There is  also a Primary School and a Kindergarden for the local students. A village with a history that still maintains its customs and traditions.

It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the area with a name that dates back to the Byzantine period-Katounes- as the fortified residential area used to be called  by the  Byzantines . The Tsioukas Archaeological Site is at the top of the homonymous hill. A fortified site of particular strategic importance dates back to the years of ancient Athamania and later in the Roman and Byzantine times. Notable research at the beginning of the last century by  the renowned British archaeologists Clark and Hammond confirm the archaeological value of the site. Remains of buildings and fortifications are preserved and can be reached through a mountaineering path (not marked) with a course of about an hour.

Environmental trails
Paleokatouno – Katharovouni (Agios Dimitrios)
Paleokatouno – Tsiouka (Ruins of Ancient Castle)
Avaritsa – Giannitsi ( Paliomylos waterfall)
Avaritsa – Agios Stefanos (Platanodasos)
Potamia Watermill (Platanodasos)

Kondodima Stone bridge
Arched bridge – Kamara at  the location Margonis
Aerial bridge in Potamia
Belley Bridge in Agios Stefanos
Watermills – Ydrokinisis
Kafkia Watermill in Potamia
Ntzioni Watermill in Agios Stefanos
Kolokytha Watermil in Avaritsa
Katsanos Watermill in Avaritsa