Palaiomylos Waterfall in Giannitsi, Vourgareli


Up high, just above Giannitsi , in a rare beauty and indescribable beautiful scenery, visitors come across the beautiful Paliomylos waterfall, a real gem of nature ,pride and joy of our region. Its special name is owed to the old watermill, which was a very short distance from the point where the waterfall flows ,a place where our  troubled ancestors used to work in the difficult times. There, in the steep and inaccessible canyon, which only adventures can approach, beside the traces of the great millstone  still preserved today,  are the crystal springs from which the whirlwinds and the divine waters flow.

The waterfall is a great view from Avaritsa at Palaiokatouno,Karoules,within a short distance,and even from Thanasia as it is an overwhelming  sight that captures the traveler’s eye.