Path to the Souda Falls in Theodoriana

Path to the Souda Falls in Theodoriana

The path to the waterfalls begins from the village,more specifically from the school fountain, where the first sign is located. It reaches Vassiliki and continues alongside the irrigation ditch.

It  crosses the rural road, leading into a fir-tree forest with the ditch always rolling beside it. Within a while, we find ourselves on a cobbled path, and after crossing a small wooden bridge, we reach the waterfalls of Theodoriana,  “Souda” for the locals.

Total duration:1 hour

Alternatively, if we want to go by car we will take the route in front of the Aloni Hotel. At 200 meters we take the right fork where the road divides,onto the dirt road.Right before the river there is  the sign to the Waterfalls where we can  leave the car and walk about 20 minutes.

The water from the river is potable.

For those who wish to continue, there is a path that climbs up the waterfalls. In a while they come out of the forest and ascend with the river on their right.

Returning from the waterfalls

At some point, you may need to pass through the river  to avoid a point where the trail has been destroyed since the October 2012 downpour.

From there, one can reach  “White Goura”, the point where the white waters of the river gush from the ends of the earth creating  one of the most spectacular landscapes in the basin of Theodoriana village.