Athamanika Mountains or Tzoumerka are part of South Pindos with their highest peaks Kakarditsa (2429 m)in the east and Katafidi (2393 m) in the west.

Other high peaks of Athamanika Mountains are: Strongoula (2112 m), Roka (2143 m), Gerakovouni (2211 m), Plaka (2364 m), Kryakoura (2147 m), Stavros (2105 m) Rouista (2254 m), Katafygi (2191 m), Sklava (2067 m).

The flora of the mountain is particularly rich.

Quercus, arbutus, oak and chestnut trees are found t in the low, plane trees and willows adorn the rivers and streams of the region, while higher forests of black pine, spruce and cedar thrive. Alpine meadows host many species of plants of the more than five hundred that have been recorded in the area, some of which are rare, such as the orchid ophrys insectifera.

The wildlife of the area includes, among other things, wild boars, deer, wolves, wild goats bears and the extremely rare viper of the meadows, vipera ursinii, while the birds are notable for the presence of the golden eagles and vultures. Among other species that of the trout lives in the rivers.

The human presence is denoted in the dozens of settlements located at the foot of the Athamanika Mountains with a few though permanent residents.