Plaka Bridge


The bridge of Plaka was a stone arched bridge in the Arachthos river. It was located in the former municipality of Pramanta 50 kilometers from Ioannina connecting the prefectures of Ioannina and Arta. Built in 1866, it was a single -arched, with an opening of 40 meters, a height of 21 meters and a top opening of 3.2 meters bridge. It was considered to be the largest single-arched bridge in the Balkans and the third largest in Europe. In the 1880s, the Arachthos river was the border between Greece and the Ottoman Empire, and during this period it ceased to be used. It collapsed three times, in 1860, in 1863, and in 2015, the last time after hard rainfall. But as for the last time ,1 February 2015, it is under restoration under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens as of 2018.

Community: Sgara


Accessibility: By car via Arta towards Agnanta. You meet a junction to Ioannina where you turn right for Pramanta and then you find yourself on the bridge of Plaka.