Pournari Lake


Pournari Lake is located between the town of Arta and the mountainous mass of Tzoumerka at an altitude of 140m. It is an artificial lake, 8th in the list of the lake’s artisans, created by the collection of the waters of the Arachthos river and the construction of a dam near the village of Pournari, after which both the dam and the lake have been named .
The dam is the second largest dam in Greece and holds the waters of Arachthos, controlling the flow of the river, which passes through the city of Arta.

The lake hosts many varieties of fish, such as carp, birch, wild trout, eel. There are many birds, such as greenheaded ducks, alcines, river bridges ( το μωβ να φυγει) and others.The part of the settlement of Kato Kalentini, which was abandoned and partially submerged, when the dam was created is worth visiting. The periodical decrease of water levels reveals some old houses and other buildings creating a mysterious setting, most impressive of all that of the old elementary school, which is also the largest.
The lake is ideal for hiking, fishing, day trips and canoe kayaking.