Pramanta Mountain Refuge

Καταφύγιο Πραμάντων

The mountain refuge came into operation on 28 October under new management,at an altitude of 1300m at the location of Isioma , at the foot of the peak of Strongoula.
There are two 8-bed and one 10-bed (26 beds) rooms, an  organized kitchen,
A dining room,a  living room and a fireplace.
It works all year round twenty four seven.
The courtyard area  is at your disposal to  camp,play football, explore. There is  even a small  theater.
In the hot months coffee and sweets are served outside in tables under the shade of  sun umbrellas.
You can enjoy the view in every direction Mitsikeli, Vikos, Gamila, Peristeri, Baros, Kakarditsa, the settlements but above all the imposing Strongoula peak.
For an overnight stay you have to bring  your own set of bed linen or a sleeping bag.
Blankets and pillows are provided
€ 13 per person
For  dishes preparation of your desire you need to arrange with the management beforehand