Settlements: Gerovrisi, Elafopidima, Livadi, Ntara

Ramia is perched on the western slopes of Tzoumerka.After the construction of the Tzari bridge, Arta in now 43 km away.

The village has an altitude of 620 meters in the central square of Agia Paraskevi. It is very sparsely populated, giving it a special grace and beauty, as each house is surrounded by 1 to 10 acres of private space, with a variety of fruit and forest trees with a lot of greenery, full of wildflowers that give of their fresh smell .

Driving through the Tzari Bridge to the center of Ramia, there is a junction on the left. At around 800 meters, you come across the settlement on Ntara (Karkavaleika). There lies the path that  leads to Arachthos. At the beginning of the route there is a source. The path unrolls parallel to the stream.At some point  we will meet three waterfalls. From the Tzari Bridge, the Vidra trail begins. From the opposite bank before we cross the bridge, walking on the path we enjoy a nice view accompanied by the sound of Arachthos and the singing of birds, depending on the season. We will meet several waterfalls on the Ramia side in autumn and spring depending on the weather. Do not miss the winery of the village of Ntara in Kounies where you will find top quality local wine from the famous aromatic mountain variety of Vitis Lamprousca(zambela)