Rappel at Melissourgoi

Rappel Μελισσουργοί

Kefalovryso Waterfall at Melissourgoi

It is an immersive scenery, reminding us of the Alps. Firs embrace the slopes and between the peaks the two waterfalls appear, one called Neroulas (i.e with water) because it never freezes, as it is constantly running all year long,while  the other is filled with ice water remaining dry during summer months . The point where the water falls is called “Kefalovryso.The waterfall  is 350m high and is the longest in Greece. Indeed, it has become a canyoning insurance / descent in 2014!

Starting from the mountain refuge of Melissourgoi after a 15 minute walk on a cobbled path we come across the waterfall and the surrounding area.From that point within half an hour we can reach its base and its alpine sources .The scenery is overwhelming.