Settlements: Aria, Karya, Kerani, Logarou, Nevropoli, Pera Nevropoli, Petralona, ​​Pigi, Telisi

Tetrakomo is situated to the north of Arta , called Migeri until 1927.It then  took its new name from the  4 villages of the area .In the center of the village you can admire the beautiful square with the impressive plane trees planted in 1905, the stone built school( 1957).Enjoy the greenery as the whole area is covered with firs, walk on the path from Tetrakomo to Kanala through the Karageorgeika settlement,  buy local products such as honey ,nuts royal jelly, chestnuts, apples ,tomatoes, beans available in the shops of the square,taste omelets, grilled food and especially in winter  chestnuts with tsipouro. The Athamanios route has been organized  since 2000 in which a lot of participants   enjoy the lush path of Athamanio – Tetrakomo.It take place   at the weekend before  the 15th of August.