Settlement :Skarpari

Theodoriana,one of the biggest villages of the prefecture of Arta, very mountainous with harsh winters, nests in the heart of Tzoumerka, seventy-five kilometers from Arta.

About four hundred houses are spread out in two adjacent neighbourhoods, on a leeward slope between altitudes of  850 and 1,100 meters. In the center of the village, in the square with the imposing plane tree the altitude shows 960 meters. Theodoriana village  is a historical continuation of the ancient Athamanian city “Theodoria”, to which it owes its name.

The area of ​​the community, 44,000 acres, is surrounded by bare and rugged mountain peaks, Katafidi  peak the highest (2,393 meters) where the famous in the folklore tradition plateau of Kostilata is found.Shepherds keep their sheep there during summer.

Theodoriana possesses a divine gift, water. With two rushing rivers, tributaries of Acheloos, with the famous twin waterfalls of  Theodoriana and dozens of springs, it is a natural paradise with many alternative activities, ideal for hiking and mountaineering excursions. Here is the Marks stream , a walking attraction for visitors, ideal for a cool dip in its icy waters.

In the village you can find hostels, cafes and tavernas. In the refuge there is  a guest house and a barbecue. In the settlement  of Skarpari, next to Acheloos, you can taste fresh trout and go rafting!