Twin Waterfall in Katarraktis Village


At the roots of the Athamanika Mountain peaks there are two impressive twin waterfalls guarding the mountain with their rushing waters. The waterfalls are near the village of Kryopigi, which belongs to the village of Katarraktis on the western slopes of Tzoumerka. The earliest name of the village of Katarraktis, until 1927, was Shoretsena. They are at an altitude of 1,360 meters and are among the highest waterfalls in Greece.

The northern waterfall (the one on the left) is more fast- flowing and has a height of 87 m, while the southern one (on the right) reaches 100 m. On top of them stand the northwest ridges of Tzoumerka, thus creating a magnificent scenery. The waters of the mountain end after a series of steep drops of about 10 kilometers in the course of the Arachthos River.

There is a paved path and bridges, so the approach is very easy, as well as a café nearby.

The best time to visit is towards the end of May, when there is a lot of water and the sight is beyond spectacular.