Tzoumerka Trekking

Trekking στα Τζουμέρκα

‘’Trekking Athamanicus’’ is a 4-day mountaineering crossing ideal for  mountaineering lovers who have the physical condition, experience and determination required for such a crossing of the inaccessible mountains of S. Pindos.

Our goal is to safely get to know and admire the unparalleled beauty of the alpine landscape undoubtedly offered by the Athamanika mountains (Tzoumerka-Kakarditsa), including a remarkable section of Peristeri, as the 4th and last camping station will be organized in the magical Verlinga.

The crossing is a 60 km long trip that gives us the opportunity to explore all three of these magnificent mountains of S. Pindos.It takes place in four daily sections plus one more on the 5th day with the 3-hour hike downhill and the departure from the village of Chaliki .

We walk along the lengthy ridge that connects them, traveling at an altitude of over 2000 meters almost all the way through our hiking, gazing at the  ​​mountains that encircle us.One thing is for certain.These 4 days of action will become a strong experience ,unforgettable to all participants taking pictures and moments from the awe inspiring mountains of the area.

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